The beginning (and hopefully not the end)

Right. This is my third attempt at ‘regular’ blogging, the first being my poor dusty Livejournal account and the second being my laughable attempt at navigating Tumblr.  With any luck, this one will stick.

This will not be a place for reviews and the like; that’s what Cirque des Geeks is for (http://cirquedesgeeks.dreamwidth.org). This will be a site for random ramblings and the spewing of opinions. Like Twitter, but bigger. Of course. As Twitter is for micro-blogging. 

As it’s fairly late at night I’m going to cut this short and probably forget to return to it in the morning. Just another site gathering cyberdust. Or maybe I’ll actually keep at it and make something of it. Who knows, or dares to dream? Good night, internet.

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