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Well This is Going Well.

Ahah! Nobody expects the resurrection of the long-dead blog!

I think I’m going to try a different tack here and try to think of this blog as anything but a journal. Soapbox, maybe. Opinion-dump, certainly. Article/fiction practice, no doubt. But not a journal or a chronicle of the events in my life. That just doesn’t seem to work.

Perhaps it’s because my life is fairly run of the mill; I don’t go hitch-hiking in India, bungee-jumping in Chili, vampire-slaying in The Congo. I work in a call centre. I watch geeky films and occasionally go to a pub. My lofty aims of being exciting and interesting and creative have long since seemed to fall by the wayside. But perhaps I can try and rescue at least the last of those aims, and in doing so rekindle my desires to be a wordsmith of note.

Or perhaps I’ll fail and this blog will once again slip into disrepair, ignored and forgotten by all. Is there a place where unread and poorly-updated blogs go to die? Do they slip away in the dead of night, sticking their virtual thumbs out, hitching a ride with cybertruckers to The Big Blog Graveyard in the Digital Sky?

No. Of course not. That would be silly.

Unless I write about one, of course.


But I digress. Sorry about that. I do that occasionally. It’s in my nature. Where was I? Ah yes, this blog.

I intend to revive this blog, to zap it with 1.21 jigawatts of creative juices, if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor. It won’t be easy; my natural state is one of laziness, inertia and well-intentioned apathy. I’m going to need Help. Help from You, dear readers. Yes, both of you.

I would greatly appreciate the occasional poke, nudge or karate chop to remind me this thing exists and that I need to update it.  To be honest, I have a nasty habit of putting myself down and telling myself I’m not strong enough to accomplish things. This needs to stop, but in typical me fashion I’m not sure I can do it on my own. With the odd reminder from you, I know I can somehow drag myself out of the creative funk I’ve slipped into and maybe gain a permanent sense of confidence about my abilities into the bargain. Help me, Reader-wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

That said, I know I’ve got to put in a lot of work myself if I want to make anything of myself. To that end, I will (not ‘intend to’, ‘must’ or ‘should’, but will) set a creative schedule for myself. It won’t be strenuous or elaborate; as a teen I spent far more time crafting study schedules than actually sticking to them. Yes, I was a Rimmer. But I need a framework, something flexible and attainable that I can work around.  X hours a day, y hours a week, z hours a month, maybe. Something I can hold on to as a routine of sorts, to get me back into the writing habit and to stop me wasting my time. Life is too short and precious to spend it wishing I were doing other things. It’s time I finally made things happen.

That’s all from me for now, though. Do please feel free to comment, especially if you’d like to offer suggestions for future post topics; I’m more likely to keep coming back to a lively blog than a desolate word wasteland. It’ll also feel a lot less like shouting into the wind that way.

tl;dr : Go back up there and read the post, you lazy sod, it’s not that long. The gist of it is I’m going to try and write more, write here and generally better myself creatively-speaking & I’d quite like you to remind me of this when appropriate.

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