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Some Garbled Nonsense About Writing

Writing isn’t easy, you know.

I know what you’re thinking; “Here comes another whingefest from an overprivileged bugger who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘not easy’ – what does he know of suffering?”. Well, in all honesty, not a whole hell of a lot. But troubles are uniquely troubling to their individual troublees, so while I’ve never experienced famine nor plague nor crippling head injuries I can still legitimately claim to have troubles.

Sadly, the intermittent inability to write is not the biggest of my problems. I won’t bore you with those, mainly because they’re not very interesting. Instead I’ll focus on the problem of writing.

Writing isn’t easy, you know.

There’s nothing harder than looking at an empty screen and deciding which words to cover it with. The staring part is easy – I’ve got that pretty much down pat, I think. No, it’s the deciding part that gives me trouble. It’s a tricky process.

First you have to decide on a topic.  The reason this post was so long in coming is because I wasn’t sure what it should be about. Vague half-formed ideas floated through my head but none of them were interesting enough for me to want to expand on. The only reason I’m writing about writing is because I want to write about something and it was the first thing to pop into my head as I loaded the blog up. There’s always the worry that whatever’s chosen will be of no interest to anyone and will go unread.

The next problem is that of the words themselves. I like to think I’m not too shabby at turning the occasional phrase, but it’s not something that comes easily. There’s a certain amount of self-censoring involved. I’ve deleted several not-quite-right sentences from this post already. For me, editing is an as-you-go-along process. See that word there, ‘process’? That used to be ‘activity’. I killed ‘activity’ and replaced it with ‘process’ because it just sounds better. You’d never have known if I hadn’t have pointed it out. Fascinating, no? No? Please yourselves.

Another problem is when and how to finish. Providing there’s enough substance to the topic at hand, I could keep waffling on and on about nothing in particular until long after the readers’ eyes have glazed over and they’ve gone off to look at pictures of cats or videos of sloths. I tend to have the opposite problem more often, though. Sometimes I’ll say everything I have to say all in one babbling go, have nothing left to say and then end up finishing the whole thing far too

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