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Hullo, My Name is Sam, How Can I Help You?

I work in a call centre.

“Aha,” I hear you say, rubbing your hands together in anticipation, “this is where you gift us with hilarious anecdotes of amusing calls and teeth-grindingly awful callers!”

Well, no. Sorry. I hate to disappoint, but that’s not going to happen.

We live in a digital age, an age where’s it’s increasingly easy to track one’s cyber-movements and find out their opinions on anything and everything.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter make us easier to find, easier to judge.

There are plenty of instances kicking about on the internet of people finding themselves out of a job due to online indiscretions. People moaning about their jobs, their colleagues, the customers.  People have been dissatisfied with their jobs ever since the first neanderthal glanced over at the second and said “Do you fancy sweeping out my cave if I give you this shiny pebble?”. Lately, though, it has become a lot easier for the consequences of such venting sessions to catch up with the wayward employees.

When you enter employment, you enter into a contract with your employers. You’re expected to behave in a certain way, a way that that doesn’t impact on the company’s reputation. You’re an ambassador. And just as you’re expected to behave yourself if you’re out and about in your company’s uniform, you’re expected to behave yourself if you mention company business online.

This is why I won’t be talking about work on this blog if I can help it. I like having a job, and I like the people I work with. I won’t pretend it’s all sunshine and roses and picnics by the sea.  I’ll just do my best not to mention it. I post links to this blog on Facebook. On Facebook, I have the company name listed under ’employers’. So, it wouldn’t take a massive leap (nor, I presume, heaps of research) to connect any unwise whining on here about work with my workplace and from there to the clients that hire us.

It’s partly about covering myself. It’s partly about respect for the professional relationship between employer and employee. But it’s mostly about trying not make an arse out of myself and ending up on a site like Failbook.

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