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What Dreams May Come

The Shepherd’s Dream by Johann Heinrich Füssli

Yesterday morning I awoke with a jolt. After a moment’s thought, I clambered out of bed and plodded my way round the upstairs of the house, looking for pen and paper. In the depths of the previous night’s sleep, I had had An Idea.

This was not a particularly amazing idea; no cure for cancer or solution the world’s energy crisis here. No, it was just An Idea for a short film. Short enough to be a sketch, really. It was a simple, one-scene film with a lighthearted tone and a sweet ending. Best of all, it made sense.

Most ideas that come from dreams seem amazing to the sleeping mind. Widly creative and endearingly wacky, you’re sure that they’ll set the world ablaze in all their original glory. You wake, and from the moment you wake the dream starts to fade, as dreams are wont to do. Slowly but surely, vital elements begin to fade away like Marty McFly’s family photograph. Soon it is gone. All that remains is a niggling feeling that there was something you dreamt that was good, but what? Something about aardvarks? Car parks? Bard wargs? What was it?

Even worse, though, you could capture the idea, wrestle it down and trap it on paper. There, spreadeagled and naked before your scrutiny, you can see it for what it really is: a mess. An utter farce of an idea. Point C doesn’t follow on from points A and B at all, and why does the protagonist suddenly become a Volkswagen made out of cheesestrings halfway through? Dream logic has little in common with that of the everyday world, and the sad truth is that when lifted straight out of a dream and inspected closely, dream ideas are a bit pants really.

But dreams can provide inspiration. A haunting phrase, a persistent image, a recurring location. There are elements that can be taken and woven into a tapestry. James Cameron reckons that ideas for The Terminator and Aliens came straight out of his nightmares. Paul McCartney allegedly dreamt the tune for Yesterday. They are not alone

My dream idea is no Terminator or Yesterday, but it got me up, got me moving, got me writing. In the end, that can only be a good thing.

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