Geek Love & Codex Noctumbra

Yes, I’ve used it again AGAIN. No YOU shut up.

Erm. I haven’t updated this in a while again. Sorry – Chrome stopped loading up Blogger, and I couldn’t be bothered to open up Firefox every time I wanted to blog. I’ve moved on to Rockmelt now, though, a Chrome-based browser which lets me do it again. So here I am.
I suppose I should update you on the short film competition I entered. I didn’t make the shortlist, but I don’t mind. I got it filmed anyway, and sent the video to the competition people. They liked it enough to ask me to write about my experience with it. So I did, in a blog post over at their site. You can catch the film itself there, too. It’s only about 3 minutes long.
Geek Love went down very well, so when my good directorly buddy James ‘Gus’ Boucher said he wanted to follow up last year’s SFFAS horror flick Jeremy, I jumped at the chance. A few choice minds in the society got together and decided on a concept. A couple of days later we had a script, then a revised script, then we were ready to go.
We didn’t have a title, but given the concept (“bored Uni students summon a beastie they can’t deal with”) we figured “This Was a Bad Idea” would be a good working title. We did a bit of casting, tiny bit of location scouting, booked a room for the indoor shooting. All was going swimmingly.
Then Gus asked if I could co-direct.
Ok then.
I was quickly hurtling out of my comfort zone. At no point during filming did I consider myself to be anything other than a jumped-up writer with ideas above his station. But that’s fine – everyone here was a friend or soon to be one. This was no professional crew with high expectations. These were people I trusted, coming together to help create something beautiful (and gore-drenched).
We named the film after the ancient tome of forbidden knowledge that features heavily in it, the Codex Noctumbra. This is a prop that was lovingly crafted by my girlfriend, who also did a fantastic job on makeup. The actors were amazing, all the camerawork was beautiful and everyone did a damned good job. I got to run around, remind people what their motivations were and pretend to throw my scripts around in a strop. It was fun. Stressful, but fun.
Now I’m sat aching in every muscle, feeling incredibly sympathetic for those who’ve had lots of physical acting and crew work all weekend. All I did was run around and stave off panic attacks. These guys worked their hearts out, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.
For updates and wotnot on Codex Noctumbra, check out the Facebook page over here.
And, er, that’s all from me tonight. What? You wanted eloquence and beautiful wordage and a ballet of metaphors and literarity? Bugger off. Didn’t you see the bit up there where I said I was tired? I’m a writer, not a … er … writer.
No YOU shut up.

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