Crank up the high-voltage multicapacitor! Push the magnoresonance yield to maximum! Press the button that makes it go ‘ping’!

‘You’ll never go back to your blog,’ they said. ‘You’d be mad to try after all this time.’

Well I’ll show them who’s mad! I’ll show them all!




More or less.

All right, apology time. As usual, I’ve let my blog slide into obscurity, the first casualty my depression as always. I’ve had a hard time of it over the past few months, culminating in me deciding to quit my job and set out for pastures new. Happily, I landed myself a new job this very day, so all is well on that front. Creatively, though, my mind is still a bit of a desert.

So this is a new initiative. No matter how small, no matter how pants, I will be writing a blog post a day for the next month. Yes, including Christmas. Sorry, Mum. I’ll keep that one short.

I want to get the creative juices flowing again, and the only way to do that is to play around with words. So here goes.

December will be the month of blogposts, and after that who knows how regularly I’ll update. Maybe I’ll stick to daily postsHA HA HA HA CAN’T KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE ANY LONGER YEAH SURE I WILL.

Anyway. Here’s to 30 or so blogposts about everything and nothing and something and otherthing. If you’ve got a suggestion for topics, poke me on Facebook or Twitter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some celebratory Mass Effect to get back to.

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