The Joy of Being Newly Re-employed

As you may know, I recently quit my job to focus on searching for pastures new. There were all sorts of factors bundled up in it, but it was the right thing to do for me and I’ll just leave it at that. I was concerned that I’d be joining the ranks of the unemployed who find it persistently difficult to get a job, and what with one financial worry and another this did have me worried.

Luckily I needn’t have fretted. A good friend of mine let me know that her place was hiring and offered to pass my CV on. Thanks to a combination of glowing endorsements from her and my own not inconsiderable natural charm (HAH) I found myself re-joining the land of the en-jobbed after a mere 3 days unemployed.

Jammy me.

I had my induction day today, and my brain is buzzing with info I’m trying to retain. Once I sleep on it, we’ll see how much of it remains. So far it’s a good atmosphere, nice people, good coffee. Good coffee is important in a workplace. No YOU should readdress YOUR priorities.

Travel’s a bit of a bugger as it’s a 4-buses-a-day deal even though it’s technically very close. I should probably invest in a car at some point soon. Will keep an eye on my finances and see what’s what. The next few days will see me trying to find my feet and establish a routine. It’s going to be interesting times indeed.

I’m supremely grateful that it’s turned out this way, as it could have gone so very horribly wrong. I had visions of living in a cardboard box under a bridge (a bridge with good wifi, preferably near a coffee shop). My parents assured me it wouldn’t come to that, and lo and behold it looks like they were right. Good call, parents! That said, I’ll continue to keep an eye on the prime bridge real estate. Just in case. Don’t want to get stuck by the canal, do I?

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