Was There Something I Was Meant To Do Yesterday?

A blog post a day for a month, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

Well as you can see, I forgot to post one yesterday. Oops! I expect this to happen occasionally. It has been a long week, starting a new job and wotnot, so posting one simply slipped my mind. Plus I was playing Mass Effect and I’m nearly finished so I was a little distracted. Yeah. Sorry.

It’s handy, though, because it ties in to what I was actually going to talk about yesterday until I forgot. I have a retraction to issue: in the previous blog post, I stated that my sister and I didn’t play on the Amiga together to the best of my memory. She took umbrage at this, issuing the following statement via Facebook:

Oh you need to retract. We played together all the time!!! Just not tie players. We had to watch each other. Monkey Island!!”

My apologies, sister of mine! As you know, and as readers will have gathered by now, miy memory can be a bit …. horrendously bad. I can’t help it. Important information drops out of it all the time, while more and more interesting but pointless trivia floods in. Not even the sort of trivia I can reproduce on demand, either, just stuff that gets triggered when I see something relevant.

I’ve been known to forget my name, my family’s birthdays (consistently), my pin number, important tasks conferred upon me, shopping list items, errands, names, faces, places, events, procedures, picking up my keys, picking up my phone, charging my phone, how to tie my shoelaces, how to swallow and on rare occasions how to breathe. Ok, the last one hasn’t happened. Yet. But the list goes on.

I will defer to my sister’s superior memory here as she has a better track record with it. But it’s a problem that persists and makes me quite sad, if I’m honest. How many wonderful events have I lived through and completely forgotten about? How many poignant moments should I be reflecting upon?

It’s the nature of memory. My memory is a scandalous beast, flashing its images around all willy-nilly. Perhaps yours is the same, needing to be triggered by events or smells or random thoughts or really hard searching. I’ve known people with memories so good they can reproduce figures, quotes or descriptions at will. I envy them,

If I’d been more forward-thinking, maybe I’d have started a journal when I was younger. No, that’s a lie. What I mean to say is maybe one of the several times I started a journal I’d have stuck with it. I was never particularly interested, though. I’d rather be reading, or playing video games.

Now my internet usage is my journal. My online activity is writ large for all to see. All my stupid comments and inane thoughts, from my late teenage youth up to now. Facebook, Twitter, message boards, all house my witterings and my ever-continuing journey to develop into the person I am.

I would advise against looking for them, though. There be dragons out there.

I think.

I can’t quite remember, you see.

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