30 Day Film Challenge – 2. A Movie You Can Watch Again & Again & Again


Some films are like a hot bath, like a warm blanket and a steaming mug of something milky and sweet – after a difficult day, watching a familiar film can be like meeting an old friend for drinks. Old jokes, old thrills, revisited anew.

Some people don’t like to rewatch films or re-read books. Perhaps they feel that the revelation of plot is everything, so once that’s over and done with there’s nothing else for them? I can’t say I agree. A film has so much to offer on a second or third viewing – little extra jokes, details and nuances of performance that you miss entirely the first time around. You can allow yourself to get lost in the details instead of focusing on the plot.

Snatch is a London-set gangster comedy by Guy Ritchie, he of Lock Stock fame. Guy Ritchie is famous popularising the cockneys-with-guns genre and, for me, Snatch is the finest example of this – it’s ballsy, sweary, hilarious and all round good fun.

Before Jason Statham became the action meatfridge we know and love today, he was cutting his teeth on films like this. The film has a number of surprising appearances from the likes of Benecio Del Toro and even Brad Pitt as an incomprehensible bare-knuckle boxer. Fun fact: Brad Pitt tried to pick up a London accent for this film couldn’t quite get it, hence why they went for the slurred and mumbled Irish accent.


I can watch this again and again because it’s just so much fun – and it’s also very tightly-crafted. The crash-cuts that show Avi’s trip to London from the states, the boxing scenes, the flashes of depravity set to ‘Viva Las Vegas’ whenever Frankie Four Fingers catches a whiff of gambling – it’s very well made, and tied together with a great soundtrack. All the characters are likeable, even the ones you’re not meant to like. It’s great watching them bumble their way through a failed heist or try to convince their drunken fighter to go down in the fourth round and not to knock his opponent out with a single punch for fuck’s sake Mickey.

It’s also one of the most quotable films out there. You’ll often find me asking if someone likes dags. It’s the sort of film that gets its hooks in you.

What films can you watch again and again and again?


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