30 Day Film Challenge – 4. A Movie You Love That Everyone Else Seems to Hate


After yesterday’s controversial statement of anti-Wes-Andersonness, I figured I should probably play it safe with today’s topic. I’m sure no one could possibly disagree with me on this one!

Yeah. Sure.

Ok, so let’s get one thing out of the way first off – Alien Resurrection is a mess. While it didn’t have studio problems on the scale of its predecesser Alien 3 (a film which is only watchable if you go for the Special Edition), director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and screenwriter Joss Whedon both had different aims in mind and the film’s tone fluctuates wildly as a result. Winona Ryder isn’t quite the action hero that Sigourney Weaver is, and the brand new creature that the film showcases is hilariously bad.

And yet… and yet. There’s an immense feeling of fun with this film. Most of the cast are clearly having a great time (especially Weaver and Ron Perlman), and after the relative slow-burner of Alien 3 it’s nice to get a bit more action in. You can also clearly see in the ragtag band of space misfits the broad strokes of an idea that Joss Whedon would later develop into a big gorram fan favourite a few years down the line.

Also, Sigourney Weaver did this stunt herself, no camera tricks:

That’s just badass. Look at Ron Perlman nearly ruining the take with that big grin!

I understand why people hate this film – it doesn’t hold a candle to the first two films of the franchise. Those are masterpieces. This is far from a masterpiece. Its pacing is off in places, and the whole thing with the Newborn is only just shy of incomprehensible at times. But I can’t help it – it makes me want to grab a gun and go running around blasting aliens like a big damn hero.

That’s more than I can say for the Alien vs Predator films…

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