It’s not all dream-weaving, world-building and idea-spinning. Sometimes I write about the real world, at least the bits of it that I like.

I write movie reviews, news pieces and all sorts of bits and bobs. They can be found here:

  • I have a personal blog on this very page! You can tell because of the bit up there that says ‘Blog’
  • I hunt through Amazon Prime and Netflix for scifi/fantasy/horror films I’ve never heard of and review them over on Medium in a series I like to call ‘Dredging the Streams’
  • I co-host a podcast called Celluloid Scrutiny where we look at ‘classic’ films through the lens of a modern viewer, except for when we don’t.
  • I write the occasional news piece or movie review over at Sci-Fi Heaven and Cultured Vultures

And if you send me an email with a proposition and to discuss rates, maybe I’ll write for you too!

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