Script Reading

I don’t just write my own stuff, oh dear me no. I also like to help people with their own work. Sharing is caring, and I have plenty of skills to go around!

As a screenwriter myself, I know how important it is that you get your script just right. Not just the formatting but the writing style, the structure, the characterisation – the whole kit and kaboodle. In the course of learning how to write better scripts I’ve devoured so many books, blogs and scripts that I’ve developed a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t. I also took on the Industrial Scripts Effective Script Reading course to improve my work and learn to write both high quality coverage and notes.

I currently read scripts for the Ojai Film Festival in California and the Wildsound Festival in Toronto, and I’m on the hunt for more clients! If you’re a production company looking for someone to sift through the mountains of files in your digital in-tray, drop me a line! If you’re a screenwriter and you want some notes on where your script’s strengths and weaknesses lie, hit me up!

Email me at for a quote.