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Sam Kurd is a screenwriter and script reader based in Nottingham, England.

He writes short films and features, specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror with a comedic edge. He also writes non-fiction & film reviews for pop-culture websites, along with the occasional short story.

His comedy-horror feature script Hen Party Massacre has been optioned and a short version is currently in development. Before this, he was a member of the writers room for Seaview, a digital TV series that premiered in 2021 as part of Coventry’s City of Culture celebrations.

As well as his own creative work, Sam is an experienced script reader who provides Proofreading & Editing services as well as coverage and writer’s notes.

Sam is also a Senior Programmer for the Beeston Film Festival and was an internship at Shore Scripts.

When he’s not writing, Sam can be found being rubbish at video games, laughing at horror films and eating his body-weight in cheese.

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Email me at sam.kurd42@gmail.com and let’s talk projects!