Wordslinger. Filmimaginer. Fool.



I’m a Nottingham-based writer, film-maker and daydreamer. I enjoy sleeping, eating, breathing and marking the passage of time as the precious seconds slip away into an infinite past. I also like cheese.

I’ve always had a passion for stories, whether pinned down in paperbacks or running free on the silver screen. Especially the latter. I live and breathe film – there’s nothing like being lost in a good movie, all thoughts of the real world banished as you’re swept along with the story.

That’s why I write, to tell stories and to make people feel the same way I did when I used to escape into a good book or movie. My hope is to reach more and more people with my work, touching some, moving others, disturbing many and delighting at least one or two. If a story I’ve written or a film I’ve made has made someone smile (or grimace) then my mission is accomplished.

I write short stories & screenplays, several of which I’ve helped film – check out the My Films page for details!

Current projects include comedy-horror feature screenplay The Bride Wore Blood and an adaptation of space opera novel ‘Novis‘ by Rachel Tonks Hill.

If you’d like to get in touch then hit me up on Twitter or drop me a line at sam.kurd42@gmail.com.