I don’t just write my own stuff, I also like to help people with their own work!

As a screenwriter myself, I know how important it is that you get your script just right. Not just the formatting but the writing style, the structure, the characterisation – the whole package.

Proofreading and Formatting

If you struggle with spelling and grammar, have a tendency to miss typos, or need some help to knock your script’s formatting into shape, this is the service for you. I’ll catch and fix all the errors as well as breaking up any long blocks of action so your script’s easier to read.

Short£5 per page
Half Hour£80
One Hour£130
Over 120 pages£5 per extra page

Proofreading, Formatting, and Fluency Editing

In addition to the above service, I’ll polish the language in both action and dialogue to make sure your script reads fluently. This is useful for anyone with English as a second language.

Short£10 per page
Half Hour£160
One Hour£260
Over 120 pages£10 per extra page


For an extra fee, I’ll assess your script and provide full feedback on where its strengths and weaknesses lie, paying special attention to vital elements like Story, Characters, Writing Style and so on.

Flat rate of £50 to add coverage/notes

If you’re interested or if you have any questions, reach out to me at