Scripts and Films



These are completed scripts available for filming:

  • A Fait Accompli – short – A time-travelling assassin learns that fate can’t be beaten when ordered to kill her handler.
  • Midnight Snack – short – A young girl makes a disturbing discovery when she tries to film the culprit responsible for stealing her sandwiches at night.
  • Ghost, Schmost! – short – A determined young woman moves into a haunted flat and rises to the challenge when the ghost tries to scare her off.
  • CandleSnuffer – short – When a group of friends perform a summoning ritual and play a dangerous midnight game, things quickly get out of hand as an unseen monster stalks them. Written to be filmed in 1st-person-POV!

Interested in reading the above? Email me at


These are films I have either written or co-written that have been made (I even directed some of them):

  • ‘Jeremy’ – a disturbed young man uses a zombie apocalypse to get closer to the object of his affections. (video)
  • Codex Noctumbra – a group of bored teenagers break Lovecraft’s cardinal rule – ‘never call up that which you cannot put down’. (video)
  • ‘Geek Love’ – geek boy meets geek girl and it’s love at first mime. (video)
  • ‘Noise’ – a silent survivor makes her way through a world destroyed by a brain melting signal that travels through any speaker. (video)
  • ‘See Us For Discounts’ – with budget virtual reality games, you get what you pay for… (video)
  • ‘Throw It Away’ – with this revolutionary new product, you don’t have to solve your problems, you can simply throw them away! (video)
  • ‘Going Down’ – Two women clash while waiting impatiently for a very slow lift. (video)

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