Who Am I?


MeI’m a Nottingham-based writer, film-maker and daydreamer. I enjoy sleeping, eating, breathing and marking the passage of time as the precious seconds slip away into an infinite past. I also like cheese.

I’ve always had a passion for stories, whether pinned down in paperbacks or running free on the silver screen. Especially the latter. I live and breathe film – there’s nothing like being lost in a good movie, all thoughts of the real world banished as you’re swept along with the story.

That’s why I write, to tell stories and to make people feel the same way I did when I used to escape into a good book or movie. My hope is to reach more and more people with my work, touching some, moving others, disturbing many and delighting at least one or two. If a story I’ve written or a film I’ve made has made someone smile (or grimace) then my mission is accomplished.

I also suffer from the old one-two punch of Depression and Anxiety, which tends to throw extra challenges my way – but I like to think it gives me a unique perspective too.